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Last updated on 22 May 2013

Withdrawal of cheques

By Autumn 2012 benefits and pension credit will no longer be paid by cheque. You should have already received a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) asking you to think about how you want to be paid when they no longer pay you by cheque.

The Department of Work and Pensions Customer Payment Centre contact details can be found at the bottom of the page.

The Simple Payment service

The Simple Payment service is for people who are unable to use bank accounts accounts or the Post Office card account. It is not for people who already have an account or would be able to open one.

How do I receive the Simple Payment Service?

If you are unable to use a bank account the DWP will send you a Simple Payment card and a welcome pack which will explain how the service works and provide contact details should you need additional support.

The Simple Payment Card is reusable and allows you to collect your payments at any PayPoint outlet that displays the Simple Payment sign, such as local newsagents, convenience stores or supermarkets. To find your nearest PayPoint Outlet please visit the PayPoint website

The card does not have any financial value itself and does not hold any personal details about you.

When do I receive my Payment using the Simple Payment Service?

You will still get your benefit, pension or child maintenance on your normal pay day, but now without waiting for the payment to arrive by post.

Urgent and one-off payments will also be available through the Simple Payment Service. You will be allocated a Simple e-Payment 10-digit number which allows you to access your payment at a PayPoint outlet. You can receive your Simple e-Payment number by phone, SMS, email or print-outs if you visit the benefits office.

How do I collect my payments using Simple Payments?

When you visit a PayPoint outlet that displays the Simple Payment sign, you will need to bring along three things:
  • your Simple Payment card
  • your memorable date (this will be your date of birth to begin with, but you can change this to another memorable date)
  • proof of identification (such as your passport or a utility bill that is less than three months old).

If you do not have one of the forms of identification that are listed in the Simple Payments Welcome Pack you receive, you can contact the office that pays your benefit or pension and they will give you a letter which you can use instead.

How can I get more information about the Simple Payment service in my preferred format?

If you think you are going to need to be paid by Simple Payment, please tell the DWP if you require information about Simple Payment in braille or large print. You can do this when you first call their Customer Payment Centre using the contact details below.

What if I don't want to use the Simple Payment Service?

People who want to continue using the Post Office to collect their money will still be able to do so by opening (or using) one of the current or basic bank accounts that are available from Post Office branches, or by using the Post Office card account. For more information please visit the Post Office Website

What if someone else collects my money on my behalf?

If someone else, such as a carer or a family member, collects your money for you they can continue to do so.
  • Regular Carers If a regular carer or family member collects your payments for you, you will be given an additional card. The carer can then collect the payment by presenting their own card, proof of ID and memorable date.
  • Multiple Carers If you have more than one carer who collects your money for you then no additional card is needed. You will give your card, proof of ID and your memorable date to the person who is collecting your payment that day. Your carer will then present your card (and memorable date and appropriate ID) at the PayPoint outlet, along with their own ID, to collect your payment for you.

The Benefits of using the Simple Payment Service

  • It offers the same flexibility and level of service for you and carers as the cheque system previously did
  • DWP Staff are available to help you move to the Simple Payment
  • PayPoint Outlets have longer opening hours and so there is more flexibility about when you can collect your money
  • There are options available if you would prefer to use the Post Office
  • Your money can be collected from any PayPoint outlets displaying the Simple Payment sign


Where can I get benefits advice?

You can talk to someone the benefits you may be entitled to at an independent advice service such as

As an older person, finding out which benefits you may be entitled to, and the impact they may have on other benefits, is not always straightforward. There is a huge amount of information available about benefits, but this can be overwhelming or confusing. We would always advise you to seek advice from an independent advice service, who will be able to look at your individual situation and guide you through the applications process.

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