Mobility Scooters

Last updated on 3 Oct 2013

Mobility Scooters (or mobility vehicles) are a fantastic way of getting out and about for people who have mobility issues. There are lots of different type of scooter available to choose from in the UK. They fall into 2 different types of group of mobility scooter

  • Class 2 - with a top speed of 4mph and are either 3 or 4 wheeled
  • Class 3 - with four wheels with a top speed of 8mph

A Mobility Scooter is not classed as a road vehicle therefore there is no legal requirement currently to

  • Prove that the vehicle is roadworthy
  • Insure the vehicle
  • Pay a road fund licence (MVs that can exceed 4mph need to be registered with the DVLA but no tax is payable as they come within the ‘disabled taxation class’)
  • Ensure competence, e.g. health assessment, eye test
  • Take a driving test or undergo training

Using Mobility Scooters Safely

When out and about using a mobility scooter you usually drive alongside others on pavements and in public spaces. It is useful to be aware of mobility scooter good practice and precautions that you should take to protect your safety and the safety of others.

  • Safe Scoot Norfolk police have produced a helpful guide and video on how to stay safe whilst using a mobility scooter. Please visit the Norfolk Police website for more information.

Choosing a mobility scooter

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